Goodbye, 8th Graders

8th grade memories

On September 28th the WRMS 8th grade student section doing color shout during a timeout.

The 8th graders are leaving WRMS this year. Below, several 8th graders from different teams share what they’re going to miss most about WRMS and what they are looking forward to next year. 


Are you going to miss 7th or 8th grade more, and why?

“Probably 8th grade because I had more friends.” Colton McGuire, WAVE Team

“8th, because I like knew the school and stuff, and it wasn’t like the first year.” Evan Litton, Champions Team

“Probably 7th grade…classes were more fun last year.” Jonah Blackinton, WAVE Team

“Probably 8th grade because I just got better friends after being here for two years.” Khloe Hilmer, HEAT


What is your favorite memory?

“Probably playing sports with my friends and playing basketball.” Brody Schwin, Champions Team

“Going to the Challenge Course.” Steven Cantrell, HEAT Team

“Probably football, because I just like football.” Bryson Fehr, HEAT Team

“The Seaman [track] meet was really fun. I rolled down the big hill and it was lots of fun. I have grass stains on my sweats.” Alayna Starkebaum, SWAT Team


Did any teacher play a big part in your life?
“Yeah, Mr. Dillon because he was fun and opening.” Brody Schwin, Champions Team

“Mrs. Huber because she is, like, the best teacher.” Evan Litton, HEAT Team

“Mrs. Hundley. I’ve known her since I was like 2. She has always had an impact on my life.” Khloe Hilmer, HEAT Team

“Mr. Heinritz, because he made me excited to go to class.” Jonah Blackinton, WAVE Team

“Mrs. Jones is probably my favorite. She is fun and just a good teacher.” Jayce Williams, WAVE Team

“Mrs. Taylor, because she always gives candy.” Addison Lehnerr, SWAT Team

Thank you 8th graders for all the memorable moments these past two years, hope high school goes well!