Ms. Hobelman Retires

Ms. Hobelman makes shaving cream art with the WRMS staff on March 29th. The staff meet monthly to do fun activities and grow closer together.

Ms. Hobelman is the cooking teacher at WRMS and has been for 26 years. This year she will be retiring. Several of her colleagues will miss her, including 8th grade principal Mr. Dial and her teaching partner, Mrs. Jones, who teaches Business Essentials. 


Mr. Dial has known Ms. Hobelman for 14+ years. “She was here as a teacher when I taught in the 8th grade, so we didn’t interact as much, but we would work athletic events together or cross paths once in a while. I have gotten to know her better over the past 6 years as an administrator,” Dial said. As an administrator, he has observed her as a teacher and how she interacts with students. “What I will miss most about Ms. Hobelman is that she has always been really organized, dependable, and consistent. You always knew what you were going to get and she has done a great job keeping the FACS classroom safe and smelling delicious. She has a great laugh as well as she finds something funny, so that will be missed next year as well!”


Ms. Jones, her partner teacher, is going to miss her as well. “She is a good friend and amazing coworker.” Jones is going to miss her sense of humor. Jones said “Everyday is so fun with her. She is hilarious and honest. She is so funny.” 


Ms. Hobelman is excited about her retirement plan. “Why would people not want to retire? Well I’ve taught for 37 years and I think it is time to retire.” Hobelman is going to miss the kids. “My favorite part about working at WRMS was mainly the kids. I hated it when we did virtual and I about cried when you came back to the building and I could hear your feet on the floor. That was hard not having the kids here to work with.” Hobelman is planning to relax over retirement. “My plans for after I retire are just to do whatever I want to do.”