This is Halloween

Halloween, halloween, halloween


Happy almost Halloween! Since Halloween is almost here, you are going to need to find the right costume, candy, a place to trick or treat, somewhere to spend time with family, movies, and more. We gathered information from WRMS Students in 7th and 8th grade to find out their favorite traditions, memories, costume ideas, and places to trick or treat. 



Candy is one of the most important parts of Halloween. 8th grader Lizzie Birch’s favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, much like many other people. She also shares a least favorite candy with lots of students: Almond Joy. Birch says that she thinks Almond Joy is the least favorite candy because  “…because it has almonds in it and who likes almonds?” 7th Grader Mykael White doesn’t really mind Almond Joys. Unlike many people White doesn’t have a least favorite candy, however his favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids. The graph below shows the favorite candies from WRMS students.




Traditions and Memories 

Halloween isn’t all about candy and costumes, you also make memories and some people have Halloween traditions. White, says “Me and my family order pizza and watch movies.” Birch also has a tradition that involves pizza, but hers is “Eating takeout pizza from Domino’s.” Lots of people have traditions, but many also have memories. 7th grader, Macie Tangye said her favorite memory is  “In elementary dressing up in our costumes and doing a parade around the school.”



Even though traditions and memories are important, so is your costume. 8th grader, Addison Edgar is dressing up as a glow stick “because if my bones are going to crack every time I move I might as well glow.” Glowing is cool but Tangye thinks that she is going to dress up with one of her friends as traffic cones.


In conclusion the most important thing is to have an amazing Halloween! Also don’t forget to be safe and have fun with family and friends!