No Place Like Home for The Holidays


December is a busy time for everyone. Most people are getting ready to celebrate the holidays, and the students at WRMS are no different. After surveying our student body, we discovered more about the food, traditions, music, and holidays celebrated by students at WRMS.


There is a large variety of foods from students across WRMS. Some of the most popular foods are pies, meat, and cookies. Even though there are many different types of pies like apple pumpkin, cherry, and pecan, apple pie is the most popular type of pie on Christmas. The different types of meat people eat are turkey, ham, and chicken. A final favorite food for Christmas day is cookies. 



People have different traditions, but Avery Rose, a 7th grader, said her favorite tradition is “My Nana (grandma) makes box characters with our presents, one time my Papa (grandpa) made it look like us (grandkids).” Also, 7th grader Caitlyn Al-Murrani said her favorite is   “Definitely waking up with my siblings at 6 while our parents are still asleep and waiting an hour downstairs feeling all our presents and talking, then waking up our parents and opening presents.”



There are many different types of Holiday music. 7th grader Jacob Anstett says he likes “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey along with many others. The next most liked song is “Jingle Bell Rock” by Bobby Helms. 

Opinion Questions 

The first opinion question we asked was if clothes are a good gift or not. Most students said that they are a good gift. “I like clothes, and I think it’s a very good investment,” said 7th grader Amaya Graham.


The other opinion question we asked was if Christmas starts before or after Thanksgiving. The majority of WRMS students say Christmas shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. 53.6% of people said that Christmas should start after Thanksgiving. While 32% said it should start before. 

Winter Solstice 

Cypris Fields is 7th grader who celebrates Winter Solstice. It is on Wednesday, December 21. For those of you who don’t know, Winter Solstice is kind of like Christmas but on a different day with a  different tradition. Fields said,  “What my parents like to do since it’s the exact same day as their anniversary, they like to give each other gifts. We still do give gifts it’s still like a Christmas, but we do different foods that we just make up on the spot.” Fields said that, for her family, the celebration of the holiday originated with her mother “I believe it has some old tradition that my mom celebrates, but we don’t really connect to a religion in any way.” 

It does seem there are a lot of ways to celebrate Christmas or at least winter time. A lot of WRMS students and people celebrate the time of giving in different ways. Happy holidays from the Falcon Feather Staff to you!