Looking for a Job?

WRMS’s Thoughts on Working

While 8th graders are getting ready for high school, they start to mature and gain some more privileges. With more privilege comes more responsibilities, and more responsibilities may include getting a job. Summer jobs are a great way for kids to keep busy and stay active during the summer. Of course there’s babysitting and mowing the lawn, but what official jobs are there? 


Well… finding a job that hires 14-year-olds can be complicated. According to the Kansas Department of Labor, “Children under 16 can work up to three hours on a school day, 18 hours in a school week, 8 hours on a non-school day, 40 hours on a non-school week.” Since those rules are in action, then it makes hiring younger teens hard sometimes and most businesses just avoid it. Some businesses don’t want to hire younger teens because they’re less experienced. Fortunately, some businesses such as Planet Sub, Sunflower Soccer, Sports Zone, Pizagels, Chick fil a, and Hardee’s hire at 14. Cafe Barnabas, which is located in the Westridge Mall, does something a little different. They start accepting volunteers when students are in 7th grade, and once you volunteer for 6 months, then you can start an internship at 15.

A survey of WRMS students showed that 87% of them were really interested in getting a job. Here’s a thought from Jaydah Murphy, a non-working, 7th grade Voyager student. Murphy said, “I want to work so I can save up money to go to college.” Many students said that they wanted to work to get money and save up for big purchases.


Antwone Monreal-Anderson, a 7th grade Eclipse student, also said he would like to work in his teenage years. Monreal-Anderson said, “Probably something with animals so I can help them.” Several students said they wanted a job to help out their family as well. 


Bailey Hansen, an 8th grader on the Wave team, works a part time job. Hansen said, “I work at Sports Zone as a volleyball ref and I babysit sometimes.” She said she likes her jobs and recommends getting one because you have a sense of responsibility and freedom.


If you are 14 and interested in a job, check out the businesses listed in the second paragraph.